Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Off the Top of My Head

At some point, it just becomes comical right? January 3rd... I mean, really? I feel like we've graduated 4 or 5 classes since then. We've possibly even opened another school in Malibu, branched out into Brazil, had our 10 year reunion, and finally got on Oprah's network since then (we haven't... just sayin'). Part embarrassment, part guilt, and a dash of persuasion has me smack in the middle of Cassidy's latest blog entry. I'm back... for now. No promises... just really really really good intentions.

Off the top of my head (in recap mode catching up the past few months in no particular order), we had a great Messy Art party. I think nearly everyone was covered in paint. For those of you who weren't, first of all shame on you. Secondly, don't wear your new outfit to the next Messy Art Party. We've had several amazing Party Book Parties... one of which just happens to not only be right up my alley, but also a close favorite... The Cigars and Tapas party. Betsy Brown Braun came to talk at our school. Lots of parents showed up... a hundred or so... and hopefully took some ideas away. I saw 127 Hours... super gross. Zac Levi came to our Tangled Party... the kids loved it. We got an iPad app through a rough testing phase finally. Fire extinguishers were inspected. Crystal did a ton to the outside playground. It's actually kinda beautiful. More trees, learning centers, another sandbox, plants, etc. Really proud of that vision. All my idea... not really. I went to the dentist... Mom, I know you're reading this. We just bought a pretty smokin' guitar for Rivers to sign and forever adorn our walls. And I started working with two of our parents on different projects... actually three now. Busy few months.

If you get some time, come check out the yard. No kidding. It's really amazing.

The kids are starting their class projects and class canvases for our benefit on May 7th. Tickets went on sale today. There will probably be a parent here everyday to sell admission tickets and raffle tickets. You can also sponsor a teacher if you want.

I think that's about it for now. Have a great week.