Friday, August 27, 2010

Safe Than Sorry... Late Than Never

First off, I've never been able to figure out which is correct in my title. Is it "than" or "then". There are schools-of-thought that go both ways... unless of course the wrong school-of-thought is something I've made up... which isn't beyond belief.

Secondly, something I never addressed at the end of last year. I really can't express how much you all mean to Crystal and me. This past year was so amazing that I'm left speechless when people ask us how it went. It blew our expectations away. There's so much to be grateful for having Cassidy, but even more so having the kind of families we found with you all. Cassidy is so much more than anything Crystal and I could ever own. It has become a feeling to me. It's like my safe haven and I can't thank you all enough for making our first year unbelievable. If this were a handwritten note that I was writing just underneath my eyeball, it would have a few tear-soaked words... just like in 7th grade... or the fake tear-soaked words in 9th grade when you realized in the 7th grade that girls thought it was endearing. Can you say "tangent"?

Crys and I have been probably more busy in the last month than we were throughout the year. We bought a storage barn for the playground and had it installed. They didn't offer the color we wanted, so we painted it ourselves. I guess as long as we're being honest with each other, I painted most of it. We even went so far as to take one of our preschool brushes and paint the spill-over from taking the tape off... super duper attention to detail. It felt weird as we were painting the spill-over focusing on an inch at a time, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm pretty sure Crys feels the same way and wasn't doing it because she felt bad for taping it wrong. Nah, it was my taping. She actually fired me.

We also have been doing a little construction inside. The open area above the Raspberry and Blackberry rooms is now closed up. Same with the hallway. Most of the cost of construction was donated by Helen because we all know she's really loud and the kids started complaining about not being able to read their Algebra books when she was giving tours. So, thanks Helen.

A long over due airplane that was sitting in the basement (yes, we have a basement) is now built and ready to adorn the Raspberry rafters. It's a P-51 Mustang just in case some dads are reading this. Speaking of dads, I still want to start the Cassidy Cigar Club on the roof. I can't believe there wasn't one cigar had while over looking the beautiful Cassidy air conditioners. Such a shame. A shame that will be corrected this year.

We're getting shades in the playground next week. They installed the posts... huge, and 6 of them. You have to hand it to the visualizations Crystal gets. Never thought that fence would work... now it's awesome. Didn't like the idea of shades... now I love it. As a matter of fact, I thought we should open Cassidy in the old Sizzler in Burbank... clearly not a great choice. I do still get to run around saying "I told you so" about the ceiling walls we just installed, so I guess we're even. She doesn't read the blog that much, so I've got a good week until her mom tells her to take a look. Relishiiiiiiiiing... now.

Well, the painters just left the building. I guess I should, too... but Crys is sleeping... maybe later then. Glad to be back on here. Looking forward to a great second year.

And Jordan, we're working on a sign... promise.

Still sitting at Cassidy... coming up on 8pm. Just had turkey meatloaf, greenbeans, and a twice baked potato under the blanket of Gavin Degraw's Pandora station from one of our fold-up tables... bottle of wine intact. Presently going over our new home wish list. Gotta get back to the conversation... just thought I'd share. I'm out (said, hands flailing from Napa cabernet).