Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the Saddle

If you know us at all, you know Crystal and I have been pretty busy lately with a certain project. And when I say "Crystal and I", I'm being very generous... pretty much me with tiny slivers of Crystal dolloped here and there. She's been really busy here, so it evens out. I get to be manly and handy and she gets to be... hmmm... Cassidy. Anyway, I'm in the homestretch, so this blog should start getting back to normal again.

A few things to catch up on:

The Raspberries are getting new lights. The Strawberries already got new lights. The Newberries are getting a fountain moved around. The Blueberries are as cute as ever... but they're not getting anything new to my knowledge (they're young, so they probably won't notice). And the Blackberries helped me clean out the little fountain this morning. They learning siphoning. Speaking of, the large fountain was long overdue... like 30-110 pounds worth of sand overdue. That took some doing. Oddly enough, I don't remember much about doing it, but I remember not remembering anything else in life while I did it. That was nice. Very Zen. So, now the fountains are my rock garden. Moving on...

Being back around these little guys has been amazing. A few have latched onto me and most are warming up to the new guy hanging around (me again... don't get scared). I've even joined a few story times and goodbye songs with little ones hanging all over me. This is my job... nuts.

Be back soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Zucchini and Such

I do realize that once a month on here should be grounds for my termination... good thing I know the boss-lady so well. I have a plethora of excuses... ahem, reasons. Most of which revolve around new digs, painting, staining, sanding, hanging, cleaning, priming, etc., etc.

With all of that said, I was able to make it to Cassidy yesterday. Really great to see all of the old faces and some of the new ones. Crys says it's been a really smooth start so far. I settled back into my tickle-monster status within seconds. Even the new kids ran over, all smiles, for some chasing. Really nice to take a break and play for a bit. I love that in a world of grown-up stresses, Cassidy takes it away. Without sounding too mushy, it's nice to have a reset button there. Seeing the smiles and laughter remind me what's really important.

We're getting the small fountain relocated for the toddlers in the small yard soon. I've also been gracefully appointed my old job of cleaning (and by cleaning, I mean taking the sand out) the big fountain again. Given my schedule as of late, the kids are probably just playing in another sandbox that looks a lot like a fountain. We've got some more sand coming soon, too. I really think some of the kids have been taking bags of it home in their pockets.

Crys pulled these out of the garden this week.

Not sure of their fate, but I can vouch for their deliciousness... I had some this summer with a little olive oil and salt.

Happy October.