Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day In the Life of a Preschool Owner: Episode 352 - The Bus and the Onion

Mr. Ryan told me today about his classroom sink. It was full of yellow water and backed up nearly to the top. I promptly forgot about it (not on purpose) and kept trying to figure out how in the world we were going to do the class shots. Lucky for me, a parent had a really good lens for my camera, so I climbed up on our really really tall ladder and, after a few minutes of berry wrangling, we got off a few shots. Though much to the dismay of several teachers and Crystal, one Raspberry laid face down for every one of the 53 shots I got... we tried... he was having none of it. Maybe it'll be funny to show his girlfriend when he's 17 and super duper dramatic about his curfew.

So, the day ended and teachers went home. Crys had to remind me about the sink. Oh yeah, I completely forgot. The water was still yellow and still right around the rim... the perfect job for our resident handy-guy. But, let's all be honest... I like fixing things. That's the "man" talking. Anyway, after giving it my plumber's best, still nothing. I got it apart enough to see something was lodged down there. The last time something was lodged, it was a tube of lipstick in a printer... I really couldn't wait to see what treat I was in for. After forking and knifing it for 5 minutes, I saw 2 little lights come on. What? Could it be? Yes, yes it was. The Big Blue Bus... oh, and an onion. Little lessons of life: Don't let kids wash their hands... ever.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fire Sale

It's official... no matter what came out of my hands on here yesterday, the photos were actually hung today. We even have lots to replace the ones you parents take home. If you're a carpool parent, take a day and walk inside.

We're also "fire selling" a lot of the auction items that are still in Helen's office. One mom even overpaid us today because her deal was too good and she felt bad... thanks. Honestly, I don't get the reference. If things were burned in the fire, would you really want them? Am I missing something? I'm just saying it because that's what everyone is calling it. I have no use for a charred coffee table with 3 legs in my house. Is it because it's too hot of a deal? Anyway, feel free to come shopping... Helen's going crazy... well, more crazy.

I'm pretty sure it was that same mom who got us a sponsor for our ice cream social coming up. More info on that as we get closer.

The class photos are tomorrow, so make sure you're here... well, if you want.

On a nice little family note, we're hiring Randi's daughter to help out in the toddler room. Perfect fit.

We're off to the Determined to Succeed panel.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost & Found & Outgrown

Aside from the fact that one of our afternoon Blueberries grew 6 inches in about 4 days, I really haven't been able to tell how much our kids have grown. I was reminded today when I saw a parent shuffling through the Lost and Found. She saw a few things that were her kid's, but said they didn't fit anymore. I nearly didn't believe it and thought she must have been mistaken. I went back and started looking through old photographs of when they first came... uh, she was right. Our little ones have changed so much already. Of course I look at them as my own, so it was a slightly emotional stroll down memory lane. I think my tears damaged the "rrrrrr" key.

I got a chance to sit outside today and was actually commended by Miss Breck for sitting down and not throwing the kids all over the place. These days, the kids call me their "gross motor structure"... I'm paraphrasing. Anyway, I made a few cakes, some flowers, a strawberry muffin, and cookies... all from red play-doh.

REMEMBER - Class Photos are on Wednesday this week. It will be a group shot for the yearbook. Individual shots are just taken all the time and will probably show up in some form of something to let your family purchase... if that's not vague enough for you, just let me know. I have far less words to use.

Hope you had a great weekend. Oh yeah, the photos are starting to go up on the wall already. The donation box is right outside Helen's office. See what happens when you make goals and to-do lists?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking In the Office

With the good intentions of letting this blog NOT become the next unofficial Weezer page, I plan on an honest attempt at refraining... right after this...

Saw that our dogs were hard at work today fluffing the sandbox for tomorrow. Never knew how it happened... do now. If they could read, I would thank them here. Maybe some extra kibble will do.

Helen's office is still full of online auction stuff, so either you need to go bid on it, or come steal it at night. I can give you my alarm code if you want.

I think we're going to start hanging photos in the hallways from now on, so you all can see (and have) them. That's probably a week away with a combination of planning, being busy, and a smidge of laziness. I would tell you that I'll tell you when they're up, but you'll most likely see them before I remember to blog.

We had lots of stuff (and by stuff I mean alcohol) left over from Saturday. I gave most of it away to teachers, parents, and a few kids that it's just hard to say no to... sweet little faces. I had also given away 48 Diet Cokes while simultaneously explaining how my Dad had horrible arthritis until he stopped drinking Diet Coke. Needless to say, I'm not the best salesman, thus proven by my current ownership of 48 Diet Cokes. I hear they're horrible for you and the gateway drink to Diet Mescaline... anyone interested?

About to have a fundraiser debriefing over a few bottles of wine.

Thanks again to everyone involved who helped make it happen... those of you who made it and those of you who didn't. I really can't explain how amazing this Cassidy family feels.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Quote of the Night: "I'm Rivers from Weezer... and Cassidy."

What a night. What a success. You all really made our first fundraiser a blast. Thanks to the Benefit Committee for organizing everything. Thanks to Leslye and Cindy for bringing it all together... it wouldn't have been half the night without you two. For the first time in a long time, I'm practically speechless. Luckily, I got a chance to stand back from it all and see what's been created... and it looked amazing. Watching you moms dance at the end of the night was fun, too.

The Online Auction is still going on through Friday, so go bidding. Just go to our website and click on Online Auction. There's still lots needing your attention.

A friend of mine sent me a video link yesterday and it made me think of you parents... well, those of you not rocking the SUV's, but the Minivans.

I can't thank you all enough for helping make Saturday night so much fun. Sooooo much pressure for next year. Aside from bringing Jimi Hendricks back from the grave, I'm not really sure how to top it. Start thinking now. And Rivers, if you're reading this, you're still first in line if you want it... thanks again.

Aaaaaaand, we've been playing Weezer all day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Footballs and Fundraising

I spent most of the day running around getting booze for you parents today. We must have at least 3 or 4 bottles of wine, so drink up tomorrow night.

Crys and I stayed at the house for most of the day decorating and hanging photos of your little ones. I must say, I love how all of this has turned out. The house is amazing, the donations for our auction are amazing, and the parents helping put it together are amazing. Aside from it being our very first fundraiser, I really think this will be night we'll never forget.

If you've RSVP'd and haven't gotten your tickets yet, they will be at Will Call at the house.

If you're wondering why everyone is talking about the online auction (or maybe you've been playing underneath rocks and haven't heard), it's because it's begun. Go to our website at Cassidy and click on the "Online Auction" button... register... and start shopping. Every little bit helps and the auction is over next week. And for those of you who are bidding on the football, just know that Crystal has taken out a loan against her retirement plan to bid.

See you all tomorrow night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks to all of you moms (mine included) for helping us grow, learn, and become the people we are today. I guess technically it takes two to make a mommy a mommy, but you ladies for sure had the more difficult task in the end... and we probably love you all even more for it. Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Florida is Pregnant

I'm sorry, did I mention Weezer is playing our benefit? Nuts.

Went to the house today to check out our power needs. Turns out we need lots. Surely enough to annoy the neighbors... unless of course they're front and center at the show. Generator it is.

We also had the idea to get a photographer so none of the parents have to think about it. If any of you all have connections to people who might want to come take photos (and have their own equipment), please let me know.

Our online auction is going live on Monday and will be up a few days after the event. Be sure to go on and check it all out. There's lots of stuff to see... maybe you'll just want something... or a few things.

I had a little boy tell me he loved me today. Yep, melted my heart within seconds. He also went in for a slobbery lip-to-lip kiss... it's the thought that counts, right?

Crys and I just got back in town from a trip to Florida to see friends... all of which are pregnant or have had babies within the year. I don't know if it was Florida or my daddy-brain... I might finally be ready. This is sure to stir up some anxious phone calls from our moms. We'll see... although my mom always said that when she meant no.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 15th is Sneaking Up

Our offices are piling up. Our basement storage rooms are getting full. Every day we're getting more and more items for our online auction. Thanks to everyone for going out and getting donations. If you're not aware, Crystal is already talking about breaking the bank bidding on the Troy Polamalu football. Mandana, I might be calling when our phone bill is due next month. I've been doing a little quality control on the electric scooter by riding it up and down the halls. It's fine.

If you haven't gotten your tickets to the Spring Benefit yet... why not? Some of our families are asking about bringing friends... yes, you can. We have lots of space, lots of food, and lots of drinky drinks. The more, the merrier. And if you haven't heard, Weezer is playing our benefit. I'm still in awe. You can buy tickets in the hallway during drop-off or pick-up. Helen also has a few ready to go if you can't find anyone. If you can't make it, some of the parents have made it waaaaay too easy to donate instead.

Thanks again for your support. This has been a great first year so far.