Monday, June 28, 2010

Piano Benches and Cameras... and a Cool Photo

If you haven't noticed by now, we're doing some pretty cool stuff in the yard. Part of the fundraiser money is going towards new toys, storage, some fencing, outdoor classroom centers, and shades for the playground.

We also just bought new cameras for the classrooms. Apart from not taking the best pics on the Westside, they strangely didn't work after being dropped and dunked in water. I know, right? Anyway, these new guys should do the trick. Blogs, here we come.

For all of you teachers who read this, and I know there are a few, I need to take your photo for the yearbook. You'd think I might just send an email or get up and go tell you, but laziness knows no bounds... plus, I'm already writing this... plus, you SHOULD be reading this, so if you DON'T know about the photos, then...

It is a little strange around here with fewer kids. I think I've probably mentioned that, but it's overly quiet sometimes.

I had to do some surgery on our piano bench. The kind of surgery that attracts the little eyes and prompts those cute "What doing?" questions. Same thing with our brand new toilet tank lid... "What doing?" "Why?" Yes, this is my job.

And check out this gem I found on one of my memory cards... crazy, right? This is standing in the Raspberry room looking into the Blackberry room.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Graduation to the Grown-Up Belt

Every once in a while it dawns on me that I might need my own blog. I feel like I have so many really really important things to talk about, much of which has nothing to do with Cassidy and thus gets forgotten and/or written about, reviewed, and then erased forever. For instance, the fact that I REALLY need to buy a grown-up belt. I am breaching my mid-thirties and I still have the cloth, 2 ring guy. I think it's time for a buckle and pin. I know, I know... what a shame this wasn't addressed sooner. I only have myself to blame for thinking a few of you might not be interested in my belt. For that, I apologize.

This past Saturday was our very first graduation ceremony. We even had fancy linens and white chairs, Queche and cream-puffs. The kids couldn't have been more cute with their self-made graduation hats. It was really neat to see all of the video and still cameras out... just like mom used to do. Next year, I'm thinking we maybe need Zach Galifianakis for our commencement speech. Maybe Bon Jovi, too. Think big, right?

Afterwards, we headed to a Cassidy grandparents house for what will HAVE to be tradition of pool, pizza, and ice-cream. Not knowing it was a pool party, we didn't come clothingly prepared... so Crys and I did what any self-respecting preschool owners would do. We jumped in with our clothes on. Miss Robyn even joined us... very possibly not on her own terms.

It was a great celebration and a nice way to say goodbye to our little ones. I really can't wait 'til they come back, when they're grown up, to say hey.

Thanks so much to the graduating families for being a part of our first year. Our families really do rock... and I'm not even being all that biased.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dissertations on The A-Team

So much to say...

One of our last Party Book Parties is coming up this weekend. Check out the Party Book site for details. Should be a fun party. Some soccer, some wurst, some reisling, some beer.

Our Ice Cream Social is now a FREE event, so those of you who've paid already will be "sponsoring" the event. No, I'm kidding, we'll refund your tickets... if you're nice about it. It'll be our last big blowout party of the year. Kids, bring your parents. It's sometime in July, but we're finalizing the date... no matter what the website says. That website only got through 3rd grade, so it can't be trusted.

Big congrats to our very own Larry Kagan for his new pediatric center. I just went over to check it out... pretty amazing. I'm always a big fan of fellow entrepreneurs, so Larry holds a soft spot.

Our very own Miss Ashlie presented two dissertations regarding the appropriate measures to be taken while watering Tomatoes and whether Watermelon was a fruit or veggie. Very interesting to say the least. Either can be seen in the kitchen. She's also being published in the local edition of Wilshire Science News... granted that's our own paper.

It hit me pretty hard today of what the secondary consequences are to owning a preschool. It's the saying goodbye thing we're going to have to do every year. Today was the last day for a couple of our little berries... and it was very sad to see them go. I guess I'm going to have to get used to it... sad day. They should just stay. Am I being selfish?

Miss Randi got new cabinets today... I hear she's very excited. She's also getting a pretty swank couch on Monday, so you Beginner Berries will be sitting pretty... yup, literally.

Double date night with the A-Team tonight. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Four Buggies Worth

I have fond memories of toy shopping as a kid. I have no memories of toy shopping like I did this weekend... 4 heaping buggies full. Crys and I went shopping for the playground and came home with an entire FJ full of stuff. Did you know Tonka is making retro toys like we grew up with? Pretty great.

I'm not sure how it happened, but most of our toys are things that I not only would have played with as a kid, but are even things I would play with now... again, the Tonka trucks, basketball, Tinkertoys, and an arrangement of dinosaurs. So, if you catch me in the sandbox having built a full dirt bike track with a Tonka-Dozer, pay me no mind.

Still have a few auction items at the school. If you haven't gotten yours yet, please do.

Here's my Holler Out to Holloran. We just went to go see Baby Group for the first time. I'm not sure if you can just pop in and go see it, but it's adorable. Donna really is amazing and I'm not just saying that because she like the Colts... maybe a little.