Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nothing A Little Santa Barbara Can't Fix

Not that there's anything broken, but the rejuvenation of a coastal drive on Sunday is pretty priceless. Also, I've always kinda thought the journey IS the destination and today we set off with no plans. We drove slow, took in the ocean air with the windows down, and listened to whatever the broken iPod thingy felt like playing. If you haven't tried Summerland Cafe, you really should. It's almost to SB on the PCH. I think I might have sung it's praises during construction when we were up there, but we had another great lunch outside in absolutely perfect weather. There's also a really neat antique shop about a block down. Hmmm... to avoid turning this into some kind of cheesy travel tip guide blog, I'll stop. I'm even starting to hear the steel drums.

Here's to a good week.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wilshire Tackle

Writer's block is a funny thing. It's also something I never thought about until there was that ever-present "block" to be had. I was even losing myself in the theory of finding the light at the end of the tunnel, so much so that I thought writing ABOUT writer's block would present a valid subject to discuss. We'll see how that goes.

As you might have noticed, we put a gate on our front door. Don't worry, it's for the sanitary betterment of our wrap-around front porch. Plus, it gives us about 3 more seconds to tackle the little ones who like to skip across Wilshire during lunch break.

I feel like a lot of families haven't signed our preschool plans. I'm fully willing to admit that some of those families walking around are only in my head, but I still feel like we should have a few more.

If you didn't know, Crystal is speaking on a panel at the Luxe this Thursday night. You can get tickets and more info here. You can find out about Australian Camels here.

Tonight was the Raspberry fundraiser dinner. The food was amazing. Thanks so much to the Leyrer Family for hosting. Super-shamelessly, I really really wanted to take a few doggy bags home... the shrimp pasta was my fave... aside from the chicken and homemade margaritas. Plus, I'm writing this at 2am if that's any indication of the fun that was had.

We have a new member of the family. Her name is Mackenzie. She's a car.

Sorry it took so long, Jordan.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Heavy Force

Unless you have this page bookmarked on your browser (which would be kinda neat if you did), you probably clicked on a button that said "Cassidy News". Sadly, and with a pretty substantial amount of dismay, I'm sorry to say I don't really have any. "Why write then?", you ask. Honestly, there's a pretty heavy force on my shoulders begging to be blogged (random or not)... like some sort of motherly obligation to those of you who turn to me to escape your world... if only for a moment... nah, I just feel bad when I don't. And that's probably my own problem.

I do know that our Blueberries painted with their feet today and made a beautiful mess. Given the history of her baking extravaganzas lately, I would assume Miss Breck made some kind of amazing bread, but again, I wasn't there. We did create a new Pandora station... Colin Hay... seems to be okay so far. Apparently, Mr. Ryan's fav. So much so, I was inclined to make him a "mix tape" from my library of Colin Hay-ish artists.

Going to see Shutter Island tomorrow night. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Green Paint Vaccine

I noticed a strange green foamy layer of water in the fountain yesterday. Given the bright hue (enough to rule out a fun day with algae), I ran through the possibilities in my head, dusted for fingerprints, deduced it harmless, and went about my way. If anything, it was just going to add to whatever vaccine you've given your child, right? Today the fog was lifted... only paint. Don't worry, it's the same paint they eat and stick up their noses.

As you might have noticed, the front "meeting room/library/rainy-day excursion" has been slightly modified to a kennel of sorts... kiddie gate and all. We even have chew marks on the door thanks to Kipi's boredom. She's also been able to rearrange the filing system for the books in her spare time. Thanks Kipi (as if she can read this anymore).

Some of our Party Book parties have been moved around a bit, so be sure to check them out. Keep up with your class blogs, too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three's Company On High

Happy belated Chinese New Year. Time to paint stripes on your back and roar like a Tiger.

I think I've finally decided where to put my office. After being kicked out of every other place for whatever reason, I want to build a "tree house" office in the rafters over the hallway. Just enough for a chair and foot rest... maybe a lamp and big screen plasma... maybe a fireplace... but, nothing special. I'd be completely out of the way. Might have some doing to talk the boss into it, but I think it's genius... admittedly I'm a little biased. So, if you come in one day and I'm perched above the Raspberries watching football (or Three's Company reruns), just wave.

Crys and I had a nice V-Day. We bought new bikes and rode down to Marina Del Rey. Kinda neat seeing things you always miss in the car. Perfect companion, perfect weather, perfect day. I'm sure we'll make it out to a nice dinner soon, but Thai delivery hit the spot.

We're still super active on our benefit coming up. If you have ideas on donation items, bring 'em to the table. If you have connections to food, drinks, lights, and music, bring that, too. Thanks for all of your work so far. We still have a long way to go and it's coming up quick.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Helen's Egg

Yesterday I decided to give our fountain a full bath. After much sand, brushing, and scrubbing, the water is clear again. Update: Not so much anymore (just hours later).

We've had a lot of requests for Cassidy stickers lately. Well, hot off the press, we have 'em. I'm more than happy to help put them on your car... just ask. They're in the office, so just stop by.

The same place that made our stickers made our new parking signs, too. Wouldn't be much of any type of news, but I designed them, sooooooo... it's news.

Both Cassius and Kipi got into Helen's lunch today and ate a hard-boiled egg. Turns out, it was Helen's lunch from Tuesday and she'd been wondering what happened to that egg. So far they're fine. The only evidence was little flakes of brown shell all over the office carpet... and faces that screamed "I just did something bad."

Another playground shot.

Do something sweet for your honey. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Doing?

Three guesses on what I did today... and the first two don't count.

It was my mother-in-law's (I call her the Battle Ax) last day in town, so we headed to the beach, rented bikes for a while, and played on the pier. Lots of fun.

I created myself a few more projects today at school. I might as well walk around with a tool belt. It's very cute having the kids ask me what I'm doing. Although, at times the conversation is quite circular. "What doing?" "Fixing the door." Why?" "So it'll close all by itself." "What doing?" "Um, fixing the door."... and so on. One little guy threw me off when he asked "Are you making it so it's automatic?" He's 3... and clearly a genius.

Figuring it might make it easier to access, we put a link on our new website to list all of our blogs... I was losing track... we're sooooo 2010. It's at the bottom of the left menu on the homepage. You still need a password for your class. Ask the teachers if you don't have it.

Thinking of doing a "Summer Day" on the playground once it gets warm enough... sprinklers and all... just like when we were kids... unless you were the kid who had the pool. More details to come.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quasi-Monday Donuts

I had a project today. Turns out the people who installed the music system kinda directed some of the speakers to the sky. Thing is, not many of our kids sit on the ceiling, so a lot of sound was being wasted. Time to pull the big ladder out and feel like a man for once... drill, screws, hammer, and all. Problem solved. I have brought the music back to the people.

Experimented again today with the music channels. A song came on that inspired an Otis Redding station to be created... man is it good. It must be noted that I sorta have what the doctors call a musical attention deficit disorder (thanks to the iPod) so I'm sure there will be lots of changing to come. The fine line is finding a genre that, for the most part, uses friendly language to convey their point. Kanye didn't make the cut.

We had new water spigots installed today for the playground. After talking to Crys for nearly a half hour about placement, they flubbed anyway. I think they're coming out soon to move it back where it belongs.

Michelle and Mia took the time to do a little gardening out back. It looks amazing. Thanks so much. I can't promise Cassius and Kipi won't eat what is both above and below the ground, but it's very nice right now. Again, thank you.

Kellie, your lunch today was great. You're so thoughtful and amazing for thinking of the teachers like you do. While I must say you keep putting my quasi-Monday donuts to shame, having the teachers realize someone loves them more than me (I know, how is that possible?) is liberating. Maybe they'll start asking you to fix things when they break now.

My eyes are crossing. Goodnight.

Monday, February 8, 2010

4:15 Yawn

I can say without question, California is where I'm supposed to be. Not that I'm basing my entire thinking on the rest of the country buried in snow... but it does help my case. I think I've said it on here before that I love rain storms. In Georgia, I was reminded of the fact that while I do love the rain, I'm not so fond of it when it's accompanied by 20 degree weather. I do think everyone should live in California, though... I guess so do a lot of other people. Good to get away for a bit... really good to be back. Yawning at 4:15pm PST has never felt better.

One thing I did forget about family in the South is that they always believe you've got to be hungry. My mental downfall is such that I listen and believe right along with them. I'm having to make a concerted effort now to listen to my belly again.

For those of you who are longing to shove the Super Bowl in my face, I'm really okay... one of our parents donated 2 months worth of sports-therapy, so no biggy. On Friday, Dazzling Donna Holleran offered me Super Bowl tickets. Too bad I was traveling. Thanks D.

Our architectural plans that everyone is signing is about to be framed forever. If you haven't signed it, please do.

Today was our first day with the Patsy Cline Pandora station. It slipped up a couple of times, but for the most part was kinda cool.

I really missed you guys.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Bail Bonds Calendar

I sit here writing you from my Nana's living room in Atlanta, literally stealing (maybe sharing) the internet with a very unsuspecting neighbor... and so goes the neighborhood.

I came here just to hang out after a rough year for her, but we ended up going to Indiana where my Deeda (code for grandfather) was from. I got to see cousins I hadn't seen since I was 3, and some I didn't know I had. I would have to say one of the coolest things up there was seeing my last name, spelled correctly, on a bail bonds calendar. Well, and Colts stuff everywhere. Aaaaaand a breakfast place that, no kidding, served every plate with about 2 and a half pounds of bacon.

Before the trip, I was the brunt of forceful persuasion by my dad, to go see Biltz graveyards while I was up there. He's kind of a genealogy buff and had traced us back to several families from the early 1800's around Warsaw, Indiana. Again, cool to see my name spelled correctly on something, but I don't get along real well with dead people. I took a photo of the tombstone and emailed it to him with nothing but the subject line saying "proof"... sorry dad.

The trip up and back flew by. I got a chance to talk to my grandmother probably more than I ever have. She's a special lady... opinionated as all get-out, but I'm proud to call her my Nana. We did have a great time together. She's even giving me a few things to put in her room at Cassidy (the Blackberry room). On a side note: In true Georgia fashion and terribly inappropriate for a preschool blog (other than Cassidy's), I'm teaching her how to shoot a shotgun and revolver tomorrow... she's 82.

On the trip she got me into Patsy Cline and I even created a Pandora station for Cassidy. I would liken training a Pandora station to maybe raising a teenage daughter. At first, things are going well with Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Hank Williams (the early teens), and then they test their limits with Leann Rimes or Dierks Bentley while sneaking out of the house to kiss a boy. I would get it in line with the thumbs down feature, stop for gas, be gone for maybe 4 minutes, and all hell would have broken loose with Toby Keith. I think I've finally got it ready for the Cassidy playlist now. If you ever come in and hear Brad Paisley, don't judge me.

Leslye, in the past 3 days, I have eaten enough Chick Fil-A to last us both a month.

This week was our new Toddler Queen's first week. She's already getting some great feedback, too. We're really excited to share her with our community and welcome her to the family. She'll be available to autograph your kid starting next week... not really. Unless you want it... which would be kinda awkward.

I'm here for a little bit, but back in LA on Saturday. I miss the kids. See you soon.