Friday, April 9, 2010

From Mexico Part 2 (technically from the air)

They say the key to a good tan is to have had a good base to start. I don't know who "they" are, but given the fact that Crystal is 7 different shades of boiled-lobster red, I'm starting to realize the wisdom within it. We spent the 3rd day recovering, screaming at the itchy burn at times, and napping at others. Given our skin’s response to sunlight, it was a great day to go into town.

Even though the hotel concierge told us that she thought we’d be “pretty safe… I guess,” we decided to take the bus. I’m a sucker for the local culture. I’m glad we did. No seemingly homeless man in ratty clothes with a portable boombox would have jumped in our cab and serenaded us. Honestly, Crys and I are still singing the song. That made the bus-trek worth however much change I had in my pocket… for sure.

I’ve always been kind of a business thinker of sorts. I can remember being young telling my mom ideas that I had made up, prefacing them with “I just read somewhere that…” to give them merit. I’ll even go so far as to say I’ve had a few pretty good ideas work out. My business-model-radar had gone off the charts when I saw a 1970’s VW Bug with a windshield sticker that read “The Happy Ant: Tacos and Car Audio.” I mean why not? Mom, I read somewhere…

I noticed that not only is there no helmet law where we were, but there’s not much of any street law at all. I think I saw 2 traffic lights and about 283 kids riding in the back of pickup trucks on a wooden seat. You’d think they’d at least tie down the bench with rope and tape or something… oh wait, I did see that.

We went back into town last night for dinner and haggling. There were really neat street food vendors set-up selling everything from roasted corn to fresh ceviche, shrimp on a stick to fresh crepes. Having had an alien baby trying to crawl through my sunburned belly the first night, I looked, but didn’t eat… and if you know me, you might say that was quite a feat. Great night for walking. Great night for holding hands. Great night for Machine Gun Poker… not really, we only saw four.

Getting away from everything is great. Seeing other cultures and how different we are is what’s most interesting for me, though. It hit me on this trip that, for me, vacation itself is a little overrated. I think I’ve got it pretty good without taking time off. By my measurements of hard work, I’m not even on the scale yet. My brain is good for sitting by a pool for only so long. And honestly, it’s tough to be more relaxed when you live in Southern California. We’re already on vacation… all of the time.

Added bonus to the trip: We got to see one of our families at the airport in Mexico. They're actually on the same plane with us. Glad to be headed back home. See you Monday.

Oh yeah, I need help to find a reason why Cassidy neeeeeeeds an iPad. Any thoughts?

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