Monday, June 28, 2010

Piano Benches and Cameras... and a Cool Photo

If you haven't noticed by now, we're doing some pretty cool stuff in the yard. Part of the fundraiser money is going towards new toys, storage, some fencing, outdoor classroom centers, and shades for the playground.

We also just bought new cameras for the classrooms. Apart from not taking the best pics on the Westside, they strangely didn't work after being dropped and dunked in water. I know, right? Anyway, these new guys should do the trick. Blogs, here we come.

For all of you teachers who read this, and I know there are a few, I need to take your photo for the yearbook. You'd think I might just send an email or get up and go tell you, but laziness knows no bounds... plus, I'm already writing this... plus, you SHOULD be reading this, so if you DON'T know about the photos, then...

It is a little strange around here with fewer kids. I think I've probably mentioned that, but it's overly quiet sometimes.

I had to do some surgery on our piano bench. The kind of surgery that attracts the little eyes and prompts those cute "What doing?" questions. Same thing with our brand new toilet tank lid... "What doing?" "Why?" Yes, this is my job.

And check out this gem I found on one of my memory cards... crazy, right? This is standing in the Raspberry room looking into the Blackberry room.

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