Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1/560th Corn Syrup

I don't know that I've ever seen my wife itching to dig in the dirt. I guess I should clarify that there was a request to go buy gardening gloves first, but whatever. Crys stayed outside digging with the PM Blueberries landscaping our stage flowers... well, our stage weeds. Go wifey, go.

There's also been something in the air about superloads of sugar in the kitchen. Maaaaaybe I started it with the donuts we bring in every once in a while, but lately I feel like we broke the sugar bank. Miss Carol was talking about the bread she baked for today. I think she modified the recipe a bit to make the sugar intake a little more love-handle friendly. I personally think the gods of temptation are working overtime on me. I gave up sweets for 4 months just to see if I could do it. Since January 1st... nothing... well, I had an honest slip this past Sunday at the car painting... but pretty good other than that. Anyway, with all of the donuts, cakes, cookies, treats, and bowls of high-fructose corn syrup mixed with peanut butter, wheat, and red dye, I've definitely been tested. What I am learning is that I never really liked sweets too much anyway... although I could bathe in coffee ice cream as an exception.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. The kids in green were very cute... nice job parents. For those of you parents who forgot to dress your kid in green, you might notice a few tiny bruises all over their arms in the days to come... just a heads up... don't worry about it, though... honestly, it's no big deal... plus, when they started to tear up, we knew the grown-ups were pinching too hard, so it worked out. I never knew so many things could be green. Makes me proud to be 1/560th Irish.

PS-Two little purple hand prints remain on our trash bin outside. Fess up little one, fess up.

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