Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smidgens of Smiles

Part of my job in the morning, aside from choosing our musical selection of the day (which often times gets overridden by the boss), is to unlock the front gate. I guess my steps were out of order this morning because I was unlocking the gate without the music. I could feel the quiet chatter outside. It seemed as though we were K-Mart on Black Friday and I was about to be run over by people flooding the entrance. It was a mix between that and Willy Wonka unlocking the doors to the factory for the first time in years. All that excitement... and no one was there yet. It was only 8:20. I guess the point is that I felt like Willy Wonka this morning... less the cane... and the cool purple hat.

I keep noticing that our hallway monkeys keep falling out of their tree swing. It wouldn't be so bad, but they're hugging each other so when one falls it looks like the other is pushing them from the swing. I'm not sure that's the best message to be sending the kids, but I'll look into it and get back to you.

Cassius was especially whiney today in the office when he got his tennis ball stuck behind a tree. Now, I'm not the type of dad to just get it for him because I want him to build self-esteem when he figures out how to get it himself. I like to let him be challenged, although I'm not so sure he appreciates it on the same level as I want him to. It's tough when he's got the language of an infant.

I do have a smidgen of social commentary today... bear with me. It's so easy to be nice, so let's all rally together to make more people nicer. I saw WAY too many people walking around with their headsets and lattes, not even paying attention to each other. I must have let about 15 cars into my lane without one single wave "thank you"... no smiles, no nods, no nothing. I stopped for another 3 people crossing the road to let them by... again, nothing. I just don't get it. We're all of the same "people" and I think we should make an effort to warm up a little bit. Lighten up. Make eye contact. Smile. I promise you that you'll feel better, too. Okay, I'm done... with that.

Save the date: May 15th is our annual benefit. More to come later. Go put it in your calendar right now. If when you get to your calendar and there's something else on May 15th, please delete that event and write in the Cassidy Benefit.

If I don't get to this tomorrow, have a great Spring Break. See you in a couple of weeks.

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