Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiles and Whatnot

So, a while back Crys and I were given the task (from our architect) of closing our eyes, imagining every surface of the interior, and making a book of our vision. We spent countless hours one weekend in Lowes, Home Depot, Osh, and various other hardware and interior stores. It helped that we'd been collecting magazine clippings for about a year, too.

Today we got some bad news, though. The tile we chose for the bathrooms has been discontinued. We're now thinking orange shag carpet. Thoughts? If I get too many replies about some sort of strange aversion to orange shag, we might just end up choosing a different color tile.

On an up-note, I just found out that one of my decorative surprises is far more feasible than first thought. We're still working on the pier-sized ferris wheel for the parking lot, but zoning is pitching a fit about height...keep your fingers crossed.

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