Friday, May 8, 2009

Painting Party

Today the General Contractor (we'll just call him GC from now on because the "ctor" part of my typing ability lacks efficiency) was asking about our exterior paint color. No promises, but we might be looking at a "Sweet Georgia Brown" building within a few days.

We'll be doing some landscaping soon,'ll start looking like a proper preschool. Our sign has been designed and will go to production soon. The Sprinkler Man (not a super hero) was out there yesterday and we should have a design within a few days to present to the city. Our architect is amazing and is bringing great ideas to the table as we go.

We sent out 9 more acceptance letters yesterday as our Cassidy Family is continuing to grow. Crystal has 2 meet-and-greet meetings coming up this month with some of you parents.

On a side note, I think I might take Crys out to dinner tonight. We've been all business for the past few months and we need it. Maybe a walk on the beach...

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