Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trying my hand at woodworking.

When I was a kid (5ish), my Papaw (that's what we call grandfather in Tennessee) and I would go in his wood shop and make things. He always gave me a few pieces of wood, some nails, a hammer, and a little utility belt. While he was off making bird houses, furniture, and toys, I'm sure I was designing some beautiful for my mom's collection of priceless kid-art.

All those feelings came rushing back to me about 3 weeks ago at the Cassidy building. Before the last bit of demo, I looked up and saw dozens of planks that I was told were being ripped out to open the ceiling. I was thinking to myself, what could I do with all of that wood? I had them set it aside for me...not knowing how much there would actually be...a lot.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be making our garden boxes, a small platform for our outdoor painting area, some recycling and compost bins, a shaded area for the playground...and I'm open to suggestions. I could probably build another preschool with all that's left over.

So, in the spirit of my Papaw, I'll be wearing my utility belt and busting thumbs in the name of early education.

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