Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Floors, Signs, and Playgrounds

Yesterday we had a meeting about the flooring. We had initially chosen a hardwood-looking laminate flooring, but ran into some issue with use (spills, play-doh, tinkles, etc.). I think we're going to end up with a much more preschool-friendly flooring, but I'll spare you the details of color for the "oh my goodness, I love it" effect.

I found out that our sign now has to go through an architectural review board, so that's been pushed to the back of the on-Jesse's-mind line.

The playground equipment will probably be ordered within the next couple of weeks. Lots of logistics in working around the GC by that time...that's where he's been parking and off-loading.

Crystal will be at the Determined to Succeed lecture tonight at the Luxe Hotel...not speaking this time.

For all of you new parents interested in our preschool, feel free to write or call us from the contact page of our site. Thanks so much.

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