Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plain Yogurt

Today I met with a networking contractor to wire the building for phone, internet, door buzzers, and cameras. They just poured the footings for the new structural work and our new ADA ramp at the front door. They've replaced a lot of the structural beams, too. If you've never seen that done the "hard labor" way, it's pretty amazing...scary, but amazing.

While I type, they're probably putting the finishing touches on our new color for the building. Feel free to drive by (2122 Wilshire, Santa Monica).

Today we decided on 4x8 skylights for two of the rooms. We had reclaimed outdoor areas, so when they frame it up, we'll have some great natural light in the rooms.

Tonight Crystal has a big meet-and-greet with a group of moms interested in joining our little community. Sometimes I feel like I'm married to a rockstar...I like it.

We'll be putting together a meeting for all of you enrolled parents soon.

Two of our friends from Florida are visiting us right now and Crystal broke out the photos you moms and dads have been sending...lots of "awwww" and "oh my goodness" talk going on. These photos are pretty amazing and the kids are shamelessly adorable.

If anything utterly amazing happens tomorrow, I will update...if not, have a great weekend.

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