Thursday, June 18, 2009

...and Feathered.

I've been caught behind a tar trailer on the road before... I think most of us have. I've even had to walk around the same type of tar, granted it was cooler, on my old rooftop. But when I stopped by the building today, they had the tar oven cranked up and smellin' good... something with the roof. The steamy tar smoke was barreling right through the door and into the building. I lasted for about 20 minutes and left with a headache. I can't see how these workers do it. Some of them had been there for 6 hours by the time I got there... hats off to those guys. I thought it might be neat one day to get a few of you parents together and bring them all a cake or something. It'd be great to show them what they're working towards. If anyone's interested, get in touch with me and we'll work something out. You can email me at

Update on the piano: My mom might be helping us get it out here as a gift to Cassidy. Wish I had time to go get it, but my plate is full on my 3rd helping.

Got a lot of great feedback on our Preschool/Kinder Kids Parent Meet&Greet today. Thanks again for all of your support.

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