Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rainy Day Saturday...

...perfect for tile shopping. We went to a store we heard about a couple of weeks ago, but didn't see much we liked. That was our 6th tile store in 2 weeks. As we were driving off, we passed a very small tile store on the same block...hardly noticeable...I kept driving. Two blocks down, my gut said to turn around and check it out. I listened.

We saw a few that were just okay and got some new ideas, but nothing fit and I was losing faith in my gut. As we were about to walk out, Crys looked down at a small stack of tile on clearance because he only had 460sqft left...we need 450sqft. We laid our paint and floor samples down beside it and wondered how we had missed it walking around the store for 30 was perfect.

Classroom flooring? Check. Bathroom tile? Now check.

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