Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday Crys decided on what plants she wanted along the East wall outside. We're a little limited on the front because of codes and such. We both had a meeting with Planning and Building & Safety that went very well. It's nice to know that City Hall is 100% behind you. Even the City Manager knows who we are and is helping.

On a side note, I think I might lose sight sometimes of how personal this experience is for everyone involved. Day-to-day, I get caught up in structural this, measurement that, wall goes here, and the lights go there. Yesterday those thoughts were interrupted by moments of clarity as our close friend came to see the building for the first time (she's also putting our 2 month old goddaughter in the Itty Bitty program, so if there's bias to be had, she had it). For the first time, I got to see a Cassidy Mom take a walk through what will soon be our school. Her eyes lit up around every turn and pride filled up my heart thinking about little Taylor running around everywhere.

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