Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just an Update

Was just at the building and most of the rough framing is now done. Electrical wiring is being planned out with outlets, lighting, and switches (Crys and I walked around the building placing them where we wanted). The plumbing is nearly roughed in with all the proper vents, drains, and water access. We have a new contact for appliances and finishing the kitchen. I picked up the tile yesterday and placed it in storage... super duper heavy... broken back and all.

We also had to put one of our pieces of furniture in the building already because we figured out it would never have made it once the walls were up. We're now literally building the school around that desk...it's there forever.

The playground was ordered this week and should be getting here within a few weeks for installation.

All in all, a pretty good last few days.

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