Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skate Ramp in our Playground?

There's a buzz in the air. You can walk through the classrooms and watch the energy going around with the teachers. They're all putting their final touches on everything and the classrooms look pretty amazing.

We finally had our Fire Inspection today... down to the wire, but it passed. Luckily (and no one had informed us of this), the person who inspects on a State level was there as well. He said he usually never rides with the city inspector, but just happened to be with him today... again, another one of those little miracles that have been following us around for the past 2 years. With the fire clearance in hand, I headed off to the city to get our Temp Cert. of Occupancy. The head inspector needed to come review the final items before giving it to us. I'm meeting him at the building tomorrow morning at 8am. If he gives the "go", we're on for Monday. It's a little crazy how the smallest things could get everything all caught up... but, it is what it is.

After my blog yesterday, I stayed late at the building working, while Crys had gone home to let the dogs out. It was peaceful. I started to hear what sounded like skateboarders doing tricks in our playground, then people would cheer, more skateboarding, more cheering... over and over. Then the skateboarding got louder and the cheering got louder. I turned off the lights and peeked out the window... nothing. Walked to the side window... nothing. No skateboarders, but I could still hear them. I stepped outside and saw brilliant lights from the fireworks on the pier... definitely not skateboarders, but the cheers made sense now. I had forgotten they were throwing their big celebration. I walked up to the roof and got probably one of the best views of the show from 22nd Street. Great little night-cap on the day.

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