Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brush With the Law

It's a shame we only put aside one day to give thanks to the Veterans. I read a story a while back about the "silent thank you" (sign language) people had been giving others in uniform. I think about it every time I see someone in uniform, but especially today. Whatever your take on politics, government, or the military, not much is greater than a single individual giving up their life fighting for this country. It's easy to dismiss when Veteran's Day comes and goes like any other, but take a second to think about it... it's so much more.

We got the fountains today... well, we got inspired as I mentioned we might, and bought two. They're delivering them tomorrow after school, so the kids will have some cool water-play on Friday.

We had plans to head off to Ontario right after, but were caught up by Crystal's itch for a new couch. Luckily so, because while in one of the stores, we got a call from ADT... the burglar alarm was going off at Cassidy. Ended up being some hanging art in the Raspberry room... ahem. Just when you thought you'd get a day off from work, fate pulls your pigtails. Pretty cool, though. I got to hear one officer call for back up to "sweep" the building. Swept and safe. They made us stay outside for the search. When they were done, they came out smiling and complimenting everything saying how they wished they had something like Cassidy as a kid. It's like they came back out different people... come on, how great is that?

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