Sunday, October 18, 2009


Another fairly large day yesterday. THE PIANO IS HERE! The barn doors are in!

The piano: As many of you have read early on in this blog, I had been wanting a piano for Cassidy since the beginning. After putting some feelers out, my mom read the blog and offered our family piano. My great-grandfather bought it new in 1921. It's changed family-hands a few times down the line, been refinished a few times, tuned once or twice, restored when I was a kid, and has finally made it's way to Cassidy... for what I would imagine will be it's final resting place... assuming my grandchildren don't hate the idea of owning a preschool. It's so out of tune... (fill in your quirky one liner). If any of you tune pianos, now's the time to run to me in slow motion while Chariots of Fire plays in the background.

The barn doors: After weeks of planning and building, they were finally installed yesterday. Crystal and I stayed late doing some touch-up painting... and scraping. I love that "art" is whatever you want. I would paint a bit, then take a butter knife and scrape a bit, then stain a bit, and at one point, took a stool and banged it against the door... art.

Crystal and I are doing Muddy Buddy this year. If anyone wants to join us as a Co-Ed team, sign up. Come on, do it for the kids.

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