Friday, October 30, 2009

Cassidy Halloween

Seeing preschoolers in costumes is right on par with warm milk, a sweet little bedtime story, or watching dogs play with bubbles. My cheeks hurt from grinning all day.

Sadly, as I was taking a few photos, their faces were a bit off. I guess it was in part due to me being dressed as Raggedy Andy (soon realizing that not one of these kids knows who Raggedy Andy is... thus, I was just a strange clownish guy) with bright red yarn-hair. Their faces were more of puzzlement than entertained. Noted. Stay current.

Your director was even dressed up as Raggedy Anne, the teachers surprised Crystal with Steelers uniforms, and the puppies, against their will and dignity, were honey bees.

All the kids did what we at Cassidy like to call a Halloween "parade." If you don't know what a "parade" is, it's when you open the playground door and all the kids run to their parents. I'm thinking we might call it a Halloween Gathering next year.

Wednesday night is our Grand Opening to the public. Spread the word.

Happy Halloween.

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