Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Green Paint Vaccine

I noticed a strange green foamy layer of water in the fountain yesterday. Given the bright hue (enough to rule out a fun day with algae), I ran through the possibilities in my head, dusted for fingerprints, deduced it harmless, and went about my way. If anything, it was just going to add to whatever vaccine you've given your child, right? Today the fog was lifted... only paint. Don't worry, it's the same paint they eat and stick up their noses.

As you might have noticed, the front "meeting room/library/rainy-day excursion" has been slightly modified to a kennel of sorts... kiddie gate and all. We even have chew marks on the door thanks to Kipi's boredom. She's also been able to rearrange the filing system for the books in her spare time. Thanks Kipi (as if she can read this anymore).

Some of our Party Book parties have been moved around a bit, so be sure to check them out. Keep up with your class blogs, too.

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