Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red Zipper Jacket

Today those fencing guys I had called came to give bids for our playground. Only 1 showed up in full white garb, a thin sword, and a mesh face mask. I think we're gonna go with a small little company of 3 guys who've been doing fences for about 20 years. Really nice guy, great work, and his proposal was handwritten... does it come anymore raw and endearing?

We walked through every aspect of plumbing and confirmed our fixtures order and the timing for installation. The kids toilets and sinks are adorable... just wait.

Also, electrical should be done at the end of today.

I don't ever want this blog to serve as anything other than information about both Crystal and myself, Cassidy Preschool, and the little happenings around us. With that said, it doesn't makes sense for me to be writing today without mentioning how as a kid I had the red leather zipper jacket, a sequined glove and socks my grandmother had hand-sewn, a poster on my door, and a propensity to moonwalk through every grocery store. No matter what has been said, who thinks what, and what is true or not... we have lost a world-wide inspiration of love and a musical marketing talent that transcends words. While some will choose to love and some will choose to hate, I will choose to love and remember the days that inspired me in my youth.

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