Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Windows Beach Cabinets

Our GC wanted us to see the windows he was ordering for us before he ordered. I thought it might be a 15-20 meeting with the rep and we'd be done. It wasn't a rep, just a driver. He unhooked the rope tying it down, pulled it off of the truck halfway, Crystal said she loved it and it was perfect, he put it back on the truck, tied it down, and he was off. The entire process was about 27 seconds. I like those kinds of meetings.

We grabbed some grub from Whole Foods and set off back home. We were driving down Wilshire close to the 405 (which I usually try to avoid at all costs) and stuck in morning traffic. I said out loud how this was a mistake. We were pretty much parked on Wilshire. I was looking around at everything as I usually do and spotted a cabinet shop. We pulled over and checked out what they had. Most everything was way out of our league, but I wanted to see what they came with for cabinets... better looking than the ones we were going with and just a week turn around. We headed home to pick up our measurements, walk the dogs, and headed back.

We showed him what we needed and within 15 minutes he was coming in at half our budget price for cabinets. I told Crys not to react... she played it well. Had our GC come up and check them out and he didn't understand how they were as cheap as they were. It really was too good to be true. And taking Wilshire wasn't a mistake after all.

We still needed him to come out and measure, so we headed to the beach to relax for an hour or so until he could come out. Amazing day for the beach.

He came out, measured, and is calling us with final specifics. I really can't believe how that turned out. Just another example of how things are falling into place with us. There's so much goodness around us with all of you parents, the kids, the city, our construction crew... it just lets me know we were supposed to do this.

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